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Women Who Run with Scissors

Women Who Run with Scissors is a Fiber Art group based in Green Bay Wisconsin. Our common interests are in creating original pieces of fiber art and enjoying the thread of weirdness that binds us all together. Those same irreverent qualities that got us into trouble in grade school are now finally working to our advantage as we blend our personal visions with the exploration of contemporary surface design techniques.

Women Who Run with Scissors was founded in 1997.

Members Portfolio

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Fascinated with storytelling, visual jokes and technical challenges.

Julie Duschack

Textile Aficionado, doggie maven, and lover of strange things.

Jacqi Levi
Jacqi Levy

Enjoys exploring the world through the lens of a camera, creating with fabric, and dark chocolate.

Kim Frisk
Kim Frisk

Storyteller who enjoys celebrating the outdoors

Toni Bergeon

Loves art books and fabric.

Kathleen Erbeck
Kathleen Erbeck

My appreciation of nature and my photos inspire my work, and I enjoy sharing my passion for making art with fabric and thread.

Pat Bishop

Using fabric and text to touch your soul and spill the secrets of mine.

Connie Darkow
Connie Darkow

Loves dark chocolate with a good zin, anything blue, and exploring the world by bicycle.

Lindi Kuritz
Lindi Kuritz

Garment maker, teacher and collector of textiles.

Mary Sue Fenner
Mary Sue Fenner

Loves being an accidental fiber artist by combining old skills in new techniques to see what will work.

Birgit Ruotsala

Finds inspiration in the up north woods.

Colleen Ansbaugh

Events and Collections

WWRWS members are first and formost interested in having fun and making art. The order of importance flips back and forth, and many of us experiment in a variety of art forms and activities. Scroll below to check out our upcoming show this fall at the Kress Pavillion in Egg Harborand our most recent show at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, WI.

You'll also find two of our recent collections, Exotic Pollinators, and Old Maid Revisited. If we're still holding your interest, you'll find some of our other events and collections on a separate Events2 page.

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Donald & Carol Kress Pavilion
& Egg Harbor Library

WWRWS is excited to present our work at the Kress Pavilion and Library, now finalized as early September through December 2020. Check their hours of operation here.

Kress Pavillion Digital Postcard - quilt background by Jody Larson


Neville Public Museum - Materialized

What does one huge museum gallery and 80 fiber art pieces have in common?

Visitors - 5000+ visitors came to visit the Neville Public Museum between August 24, and November 10, 2019. In conjunction with the Materialized! exhibit, Women Who Run With Scissors offered seminars for various community organizations. We hosted a number of small private tours, and an art scavenger hunt for Middle School Art students.

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Exotic Pollinator Collection

Each member created art interpreting the topic of pollination. The process of pollination is not limited to bees, and can include many facets of nature.

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Old Maid Revisited

Many of us could remember playing the Old Maid card game as kids, but in our Revisited collection, we selected a modern occupation, a character name, and drafted a very short story. You can read or download the Old Maid Revisited PDF for additional details.

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Contact us

WWRWS is a closed group, so unfortunately, we are not accepting new members. We do however have a Friends and Family list, and we'd be happy to inform you of upcoming shows and classes. Some of our members also lecture and conduct workshops. Please reach out with your questions.
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